At first, thanks for looking at my website! If you want to get to know me, you're at the right place and page.

I am always wondering about things that happen on this earth, it's my inspiration to make everyday special and live every day like it can be the last. I like to travel preferably as much as I can. My biggest wish? That everyone can do whatever they want like traveling the world and go to places you would never go to in the first place. People can inspire each other and that's the thing I believe in. 

I also like snowboarding and be outside to photograph nature, or the city I live close by : Rotterdam. 

Because of my study (Interior designer at the Wood and Furniture college in Rotterdam)  i draw a lot, if you are curious about my work at school and projects you can go to ''Portfolio''. 


*all pictures on this website are made by me; or else, the source is mentioned.